5 Easy Steps to Select the PERFECT gift-with-purchase for your business

A good number of the guidelines that support the selection of products for use in cross-selling also govern the selection of products for use in GWP campaigns. If you want your clients to spend more money with your company, the free present you give them should be engaging and significant enough for them to feel compelled to do so. In the same breath, you’ll want to check to see if it’s feasible for your company to hand out free samples of these products while still maintaining a healthy profit margin.

So, what are some wonderful suggestions for GWP? And what can you do to give your present more significance? One strategy for accomplishing this goal is to present customers with a gift that is not only useful but also meets a requirement that is important to them as consumers. For instance, if you are selling coffee machines, one suggestion for a gift-with-purchase may be to include a complimentary bag of dark roast coffee beans with each customer’s order. This would be just one example. You may also add value to your product by providing clients with a distinctive and one-of-a-kind present that cannot be easily located anywhere else.

What is important to consider as part of your GWP strategy?

1. Make a calculated decision on when to act.

Campaigns do not often run indefinitely; rather, they typically have time constraints of some kind. Because of this, the timing of your GWP plan is one of the most important components. You should give some thought to the time of year that your campaign will run in addition to the length of the offer that is being made.

The optimal timing of your campaign is entirely dependent on the products you sell and the specific requirements of your business. Many companies opt to run GWP campaigns in conjunction with particular holidays, such Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Valentine’s Day, the Fourth of July, or Labor Day. If the items that you are selling are particularly seasonal, it is possible that it would be smart to capitalise on the time of year when buyers think about those items the most.

You also have the option of beginning a GWP campaign during a period of the year when business is typically slower for your company. For instance, if you generally see a decrease in sales during the warmer months, you can decide to develop a summer campaign in order to generate stronger interest in your products throughout the entire year.

On the other side, certain GWP promos have a longer shelf life than others. In order to assist consumers in getting more value out of their orders, several businesses provide free gifts over an extended period of time in exchange for the customer’s initial purchase.

2. Make sure to disclose all of the promotion’s specifics clearly.

Communication is essential to the success of any campaign because it helps set expectations. It should not be difficult for customers to grasp what it is that you are providing and how to make use of it in order to maximise its value.

When you are publicising your sale, it is imperative that you provide information regarding:

When exactly does the promotion take place? (if it is time-sensitive)

Which kinds of products or transactions are taken into account

What exactly does the no-cost gift consist of?

Are there any restrictions on the gift (like “while stocks last,” for example)?

Make your offer immediately evident by utilising text that is easy to understand and displaying product photography that is in high resolution. Your clients shouldn’t have to put in a lot of effort to figure out what the free gift is; rather, the information that you communicate to them should perform the legwork for them.

3. Consider the importance of branding.

Your choice of words to describe the offer should be consistent with the language and tone of your brand. You may rest assured that the campaign will reflect your appearance and personality in this way. After all, this presents you with a golden opportunity to highlight your unique character and set your company apart from the competition in the eyes of any potential new clients who become acquainted with you as a result of your GWP promotion.

If you’re going to be handing out free physical gifts, you should keep an eye out for other ways to promote your business. For instance, if you offer a complimentary tote bag with the purchase of a piece of jewellery, you have the opportunity to incorporate your company’s emblem into the bag’s overall design. Keep in mind that the design of the products you sell shouldn’t give off the impression that they are business presents, even if this can be an effective strategy for increasing brand recognition.

The act of unwrapping the gift itself can make it seem even more precious to the recipient, which is great for repeat business.

In addition to including your company’s logo, you can also incorporate branded components into your gift by including a personalised message with the delivery or by having it wrapped in a unique way. The unwrapping experience of the gift itself can make it feel even more precious for your clients, and it can also be an excellent opportunity to exhibit the style and personality of your business.

4. Advertise your product or service across the most important customer channels.

Once the specifics of your offer have been worked out, it is time to disseminate this information through the numerous channels you maintain. Your objective in this situation should be to make certain that the ideal customers locate your offer at the ideal time.

When conveying the terms of your offer to potential customers, it is essential to find the optimal middle ground. If you communicate it in too little detail, there is a chance that your buyers will overlook the offer entirely. But if you communicate an excessive amount, you run the danger of driving away your audience.

Some of the possible channels are as follows:

  • Directly on your website, specifically within the product detail pages, the homepage, or the customer portal, if applicable.
  • Email newsletters
  • Social media
  • Video advertisements
  • Articles on a blog

5. Utilizing data and analytics, you can monitor how successful your campaign is.

It is essential to assess the performance of your GWP campaign using data and analytics if you want to evaluate how successful it was. Determine how well those products are selling prior to the commencement of the campaign, and then monitor any changes in sales performance during the period of the promotion. You will be able to track new site visitors who learn about your brand through the campaign, which will increase your brand awareness even if they do not take advantage of the opportunity to receive a free gift.

By conducting the analysis in this manner, you will extract the maximum amount of useful information from the campaign, which will enable you to better target your future efforts.

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