Reshaping High Tech Manufacturing: An Interview with Gina

Gina is the founder of a manufacturing company that specializes in environmentally responsible products. In this interview, she shares her journey, life lessons, and insights on the most interesting projects and advancements in the high tech manufacturing industry. You can read her featured article on Medium Magazine

Getting Started in Manufacturing

Gina’s journey began in the printing space, where she learned about various printing techniques. Her love for product development grew from there. She went on to build a successful manufacturing business that has afforded her the ability to travel to overseas manufacturing locations and oversee the production of products.

Life Lesson Quote

One of Gina’s favorite life lesson quotes is “Don’t take it personally.” She used to get upset when her company didn’t win a project they had been working on. Her business partner would remind her that it’s not personal. This lesson helped her to avoid negative self-talk and improve her business by learning how to make it better.

Interesting Projects

Gina’s company is currently working on an environmentally responsible mask sachet that holds sheet masks. The sachet is made with 80% recycled material and has a 36-month shelf life without negatively affecting the efficacy of the sheet masks. This innovation is the first of its kind in the beauty industry, providing a sustainable option for consumers and companies.

Reshaping the Manufacturing Industry

Gina’s company is reshaping the manufacturing industry by providing clients with environmentally responsible techniques and materials for their products. By doing so, they are setting a standard for other companies to follow and creating a more sustainable future.

Exciting Advancements and Innovations

The beauty packaging industry is seeing a lot of exciting advancements and innovations in high tech manufacturing. Gina mentions that there are many environmentally responsible options available that were not possible before. This is creating more sustainable practices and products in the industry.


Gina’s journey in manufacturing has led to exciting innovations and advancements in the industry. Her company is setting a standard for environmentally responsible manufacturing, which is reshaping the way other companies approach their products. The beauty industry is just one example of the exciting developments in high tech manufacturing, and we can expect to see more in the future. Overall, the focus on sustainability and responsible manufacturing is a positive trend that will benefit both consumers and the planet.

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