How we designed the Dr Dennis Gross Micro-fiber facecloth

So…. you want to design something. But you aren’t sure where to start? 

Let’s walk through the process of designing an item we did for the Dr. Dennis Gross product development and maybe that will help you in your process.

Dr. Dennis Gross has been working with us for many years. Each project we have been making for them is better than the last. In fact, we can’t wait for you to see some of their upcoming items! 

The team approached POP Creative a few years back with the request to come up with a user-friendly microfiber cloth to help their customers with a skin-friendly way to gently exfoliate their skin and remove their makeup. And of course, something that is reusable! 

They sat with their dedicated POP Creative consultant and explained their needs. Once that meeting was concluded our art department got to work. They rendered several different versions of this cloth so the Dr. Dennis Gross Team could determine which look they preferred best and which was most on brand with their vision. 

The team decided on a white cloth with an orange logo. Once the direction was finalized our art department got to work on providing technical specs including material suggestions to our vetted factories. 

POP Creative worked with our factories to determine the best pricing and from there provided pricing to our client. We only proceed to a sample if the pricing works for our client. In this case the pricining fell right into line with their budget and we arranged the sample. 

How did the sample review go?

The sample arrives to the POP Creative consultant first so that we can ensure the factory followed our specs correctly. From there if there are any callouts (a call out is when there is a problem or potential problem with the sample, and yes sometimes initial samples are rejected by pop creative before the client even sees them). If the sample is good enough to show the client we will forward to the client with any comments or concerns to discuss once they receive our sample. 

The initial sample of this particular facecloth did have some issues with how the logo looked on the cloth. We had initially done embroidery of the client’s logo but due to the fluffy nature of the microfiber the embroidery got lost in the material. After review we decided to change the logo to a woven label. 

Our art department provided specs to the factory of the correct label and a second sample was done. This sample was much better: the logo was clearly visible and easy to see and did not take away from the functionality of the item. The Dr. Dennis Gross team approved the second sample and sent us a purchase order for the specific amount of items they wanted.  

How is the product bulk ordered?

Once a PO or Sales Order is in place the production team at POP Creative gets to work. We place the order to our vetted factory and oversee the entire bulk  production run, including QA, packing and importing. We make sure to keep our clients updated on all major milestones such as goods ready date; ship date and schedule; port arrival and final door delivery. We also provide images of bulk production and physical production samples to all of our clients so they can ensure they are getting exactly what they ordered. Should anything come up during review of the production sample we make sure we make it right before the bulk shipment is dispatched. 

In the very unlikely chance the goods arrive to our clients and there is a problem, we do EVERYTHING we can to make it right. We work with each and every client to understand the problem, address how and why it happened and offer various solutions. This is, however, quite rare as we have come up with a very smooth and nearly foolproof process of getting our clients exactly what they want. 
If you are looking to design your own facecloth or other item let us know!

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