Designing and Producing the Archer and Olive September 2022 Subscription Box

We were originally engaged to help develop, design and deliver the items and box for the Archer and Olive September 2022 Subscription Box. The theme for this box was “vintage heirloom”

How we got started designing the products for the A&O Sub Box

When we first got together to talk about the development of the products, one of the things that came up was the feeling that we were never quite able to provide what the creative director had envisioned for this company. This is a challenge many companies face when there is a visionary who has an idea of how a product should look and feel, and often this isn’t clearly communicated.

When we were given the challenge of putting together this box, we immediately understood that we wanted to put a strong emphasis on both the cohesiveness and the inventiveness of the items that we included in this quarterly subscription box. Some of the previous Archer and Olive Subscription Boxes were either low quality or didn’t quite hit the mark with customers.

We had a strong desire to combine the concept behind the box with the concept that we were aware was going to be introduced in the upcoming Fall/autumn launch.

Dealing with Inconsistency

Before we were brought on board, a handful of the goods had already been developed and orders had been placed for them. Having said that, we really wanted to make sure that the supplementary goods were something spectacular. We ensured that each item was put with the proper vendor by carefully acquiring the necessary materials and employing inventive design strategies.

From that point on, we made certain that the approval procedure was rigorously followed. Because of the schedule, this organisation would frequently have to make approvals or judgments quickly; therefore, one of the opportunities for improvement that we discovered was working further in advance.

Providing support and advice to stream line processes is something we are more than happy to help businesses with. When small businesses start out, a challenge they face is not having the knowledge of the intricacies of product development to be able to deliver quality goods on time.

Understanding the vision of the A&O September 2022 Subscription Box

To begin developing a better box, one of the first things that needed to be done was to have an understanding of the box’s intended purpose and vision. Archer and Olive wanted the purchaser to feel as though they had been transported to another era and location when they opened the box. Instead of utilising their regular box, we made the decision to begin construction of the actual shipper from scratch. We requested that they create artwork specifically for this box and the theme being used. Once we got all of the artwork finished, we had no doubt that this particular box would turn out to be the most successful one yet.

After that, we made sure that this box was the right size for the products by adjusting its dimensions accordingly. Consumers frequently lodged complaints alleging that the things they purchased were flawed after being shipped to them. We were able to solve this problem by constructing a container whose dimensions were determined by measuring the contents of the box themselves. We were able to save them approximately $3,000 by doing a cost comparison, which resulted in us being able to save them money on the packing charges by employing a reputable third-party logistics provider overseas to pre-pack the boxes.

Sourcing the unique products for the Stationery Subscription box

In addition to this, they wanted to produce some really intriguing and unique objects for which they had previously been uncertain as to where to acquire the materials. The first thing in the lot was old ribbon wound on wooden spools. Because of our knowledge, we were able to determine exactly what it was that the customer needed and then construct it in a way that was coherent with the rest of the box and made great sense on its own. We had to go through a few iterations of sample testing, but once we found the right packaging, artwork, and box, we were confident that we had a winner.

In addition to this, we were successful in locating and completing the construction of a lovely flower press. We made it a point to test it out on multiple occasions in order to guarantee that the box colours and cutting were carried out accurately. We had some adjustments to the colour of the press at the very last minute, but we were able to finalise it precisely how the customer wanted it.

What ended up inside the Archer and Olive September Subscription Box?

B5 Velvet Green Notebook: When you first open this notebook, the ribbon closure, gilding, and ivory pages will catch your attention. Additionally, there is a special surprise hidden in the final pages. This is the ideal book to use as a starting point for creating your own “heirloom book” that can be handed down from generation to generation in your family. This was a uniquely created item for this box. Other items are listed below.

If you want to take your products to the next level and create something truly exceptional, we will be able to help you get there.

We love seeing how people have been using this box!

Here are a couple of examples of how people have been using their box!

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