5 ways to improve product quality + example the Archer and Olive Monthly Kits

We all know that sometimes seeing is believing! And here we are going to show you how we improved Archer & Olives monthly theme kits and how we can improve your next project. 

When we were first contracted to work with A&O they had 2 theme boxes for sale each month. One was a theme box and one was more of a monthly kit that was geared towards the Bujo community. Each kit came in a customized box. However, when opening this pretty box it often left the consumer underwhelmed as it only included the following 

  • Stickers 
  • Stencil 
  • Scrap paper 
  • Smaller size of washi tape 
  • Dutch doors 

All of this was wrapped in tissue paper. 

April to November

Creating a new look and feel for a product

The first thing we did is identify the pain points of the current experience. The first “issue” was – why are there 2 boxes which never sold out? We suggested to combine the theme and monthly kit into 1 kit. This would allow for more chance to sell out but also less money spent on shipping. Often the qty being ordered of each box was too high. Making the box 1 combined box would be a wise business move.

ONce the company was on board with that idea we suggested to provide additional items in the monthly kit. And to do away with the box altogether. 

We designed a recycled plastic bubble mailer that would fit all of the contents of the monthly kit. The bubble mailer is reusable which is a great advertising opportunity for any company. 

We also said if we are only offering 1 box how can we make a wow factor of this box. Our solution was to add a few additional high-perceived-value items with low price point. We included all of the standard items as listed above but created a larger stencil with more shapes on it, increased the length of the washi tape and added more washi to each box. And added a few extra stickers along with the additional high-perceived-value items 

The first Oct box that rolled out in this way was SOLD OUT! 

Not only did we improve the consumer experience we also made this kit much more in line with being eco-conscious. We removed unnecessary cardboard and tissue paper and increased the usable contents. 

Here are 5 ways to improve the quality of your products:

In order to achieve long-term profitability and sales growth, product quality must be improved. Although improving product quality is not a simple process, the benefits much outweighed the difficulties.

It fosters consumer loyalty and fosters referrals and recommendations. Less consumer complaints and returns result from superior product quality. These all have an effect on your revenue and promote company expansion.

  1. Be clear about your current product quality: What do customers really like about the current product and what would they want to be improved? Looking into and deep diving into your customer’s needs helps tailor your products to your niche. Ask yourself what or how the product solves a problem for your customers and find ways to improve that.
  2. Implement a quality check or quality control process. Without checking or sampling the products before production, you can end up in strife when your product delivery is not what you expected. Samples and checks against the milestones you have in place for your launch or delivery.
  3. Check-in on what your competitors are doing. What sort of quality is your competitor producing? Are there ways you can create something of better quality? Easier to use perhaps or at a lower pricepoint? Details are everything in regard to products or product improvements. Is there a way you can deliver small details that would make your customers swoon?
  4. Is high-quality part of your company culture? Infuse quality in all elements of the organisation’s touch points, from customer service to marketing and sales. If quality is a core value for your business, your focus will be on providing high quality items to your customers and finding ways to improve on those.
  5. Product Testing: looking to create something new and unique? Find customers who love your product already and test the new products with them. Do not send half-baked items; send what you hope to send to the market and see what feedback you receive. Feedback is your most valuable tool when improving quality, as your customers know best.

In the cutthroat business world, it can be very challenging to stand out. However, if you’re providing high-quality goods, you’re already one step ahead of your rivals.

We think seeing the before and after will speak for itself so here it is!

May to December

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